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so i'm sick

well i'm getting better but it's already Sunday and the only day I remember clearly is Friday. I got home Friday night and at around 1am started throwing up and didn't finish till 2pm on Saturday, I had to sleep in the doorway next to the toilet. Sorry if it's TMI. I think it was food posioning but it could have easily been my baby cousin, who apparently is sick. *sigh*, nothing makes you feel more lonely than being sick. God love my mother but she's not all that good at taking care of me when I'm sick, I don't even get whiny and she gets aggravated when I ask her for things then gets mad that I have crawled into the kitchen for a glass of water when "you could have just asked me".

In other news, I got paid early which was a relief. Unfornutely I wasn't able to continue shopping because of the sickness. Now I have a mountain of cleaning to do and I have to do it all tomorrow since I'm still so exhausted.

I've become very aquainted with the beauty of free movies On Demand and I watched Boys On the Side, I really liked it. I recommend it. That's it for now I guess.

I would say I'm looking forward to Christmas but I'm really looking forward to it being done which is sad because I honestly love Christmas, I just hate that it's at my house and I hate how bitchy my mom gets every year.

I want to go on a road trip. So fucking bad. *sigh*
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