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it's cold in my room. this weekend has been chill, I'm on duty but aching to go somewhere, just a few more hours and I'm set.

I still haven't gotten much schoolwork done but hopefully I can sort through some of that today. My bulletin boards are due today, ahhh!

So I had like 7 people in my room last night, chillin, singing and having loads of fun, it made my night and the people I've been on duty with are amazing.

I finished my book Eat. Pray. Love . Amazing, I think I might read it again before I start loaning it out. It has really helped put things into perspective and I have a game plan, we'll just see if I can stick to it. That's it I suppose. <3!

p.s. if anyone wants to buy my christmas gift early, i want this hoodie, just sayin.
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