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I am your creation

and I am proud

I'm usually the friend you call when you need someone to lean on or a voice of reason. I'm incredibly compassionate and fiercely loyal. I have a pretty good sense of humor and an independent spirit. Music and Books are my passions and I am always happy with a delicious cup of tea, :).

note- if you add me and we've never actually met in person, please leave a comment telling me why you added me. i'm always curious about those types of things.
30 rock, aida, alanis morissette, amanda/lee, amélie, andrew belle, ani difranco, anthony rapp, arizona/callie, being in love, better than chocolate, books, brennan/cam, broadway, callie/arizona, cam/brennan, cam/temperance, casey/olivia, chai tea, child welfare, classic love songs, cuddling, d.e.b.s, dancing in the rain, daria, daydreaming, dirty dancing, ella fitzgerald, ellen degeneres, expressing yourself, fanfic, fanfiction, femslash, fiction, florence + the machine, frappacinos, friends, garcia/morgan, giles/jenny, god, greg laswell, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hello kitty, helping people, hermione/ron, imogen heap, indie music, ingrid michaelson, jane/maura, jazz, jenny/giles, jenny/rupert, jewel, jim parsons, jlc, joni mitchell, jump little children, katniss/peeta, kids, knitting, kurt halsey, lakes, law & order:svu, lesbians, lifetime, logan/ororo, love, luke/lorelai, lykke li, mariska hargitay, monogamy, morgan/garcia, mumford & sons, music, musicals, norah jones, old movies, olivia benson, olivia/casey, ororo/logan, peace, penelope garcia, poetry, postal service, prayer, purple, rachael yamagata, rainer maria rilke, ray lamontagne, reading, rent, rizzoli and isles, romance, ron/hermione, rupert/jenny, scarecrow and mrs. king, sheldon/penny, showtunes, singing, sleeping late, social work, sociology, soulmates, soundtracks, spirituality, starbucks, stars, storm/wolverine, the big bang theory, the closer, theatre, thunderstorms, tony and angela, uga, university of georgia, vanilla crème frappuccino, who's the boss?, wicked, will & grace, wolverine/storm, writing