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all we can do is keep breathing...

I had to convince myself to wake up this morning, I really fought myself. I didn't do well on my stat test and this of course is totally my fault because I skipped one two many classes.

Yesterday wasn't all that beautiful of a day until the end really. I took my test cursing myself because I once again fucked up and haven't buckled down on school. So after that I went to eat after a lovely conversation with my grandma about how Mary Frances Early (the first African American to graduate from UGA who also used to teach with my grandmother) was on campus and I missed her again and I went to eat in one of the dining halls and someone called me a "dyke". I was like "come again?" and he was like "i didn't say anything", I figured he wasn't worth the trouble but he did not exactly make my day better.

But then I went to chat and danced with some peeps, came home showered and checked on a couple of residents.

However I do still have a crush on someone and I think it's funny that I look at that as one of the worst things that can happen to me. Probably because I can get so incredibly carried away and then I get so devastated when someone doesn't like me and yet i am so surprised and scared when someone actually does. I just really want to not be attracted to anyone right now, which of course is when things like this happen. Plus I hate that I get possessive and ridiculous when I like someone. Why can't things just be simple?

Hopefully the rest of this week will be better, I'm just having one of those lives i guess.
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